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Toutes les dernieres infos sur Minyador, un monde imaginaire peuple d'elfes, de nains, de dragons et pourvu d'une riche histoire.


 L'histoire de Minyador en anglais

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MessageSujet: L'histoire de Minyador en anglais   L'histoire de Minyador en anglais Icon_minitimeMar 26 Fév - 14:13

The Age of Chaos and the Wars of the Gods

A long time ago, while the Chaos was master of all megaspheres, a great elf king named Laïsnos, Lord of the Immortal City of Tanelorn, decided to found an order of knights. He actually wanted to unite all races say feeble (humans, dwarves and elves, but also oïfënians, hernists and other lesser-known races) to counter the immeasurable power of the Lords of Chaos, feared Lords of Metal. One of his senior advisers, a man named Kasherim Nedrakh, Keeper Lord of the Mirlenomar fortress, had indeed learned from his soothsayer Tirsirros the advent of an age of light which would succeed in these times of chaos.

This vision proved true. Some time after that the idea had germinated in the minds of Laïsnos - but can we talk about time in the megaspheres where Chaos reigns supreme ? - a new breed appeared, not mortal but invincible as these universe tyrants. The Gods had emerged.
Taking shade of this new creation, the Metal Emperor sent his best elements, the Shadow Drakes Riders and its dreadful Kings of Metal, to counter the threat to its hegemony, who had defeated many empires and races, since the Lords of Tahan, whose power was to manipulate even the essence of life, and whose secrets disappeared with them, until the powerful empire of the Tyran of Space, which had opposed the power of a thousand of universe, and who died screaming in the ruins of his city after the annihilation of its army and its warships of the size of planets, through the Soul Hunters whose psychic powers were absorbed and then turned against them. Nobody resisted the Princes of Metal. The races had fallen, as the Black Elves who were enslaved, or had been destroyed, like Morgyans who had unsuccessfully attempted to raise their infernal forces. Only a few races had escaped the wrath of the Lords of Chaos, fleeing from megasphere to megasphere through the Shadow Gates as humans.

It was the most terrible battle that the Multiverse would have known. More than half of the worlds experienced destruction in what will go down in legend as the Wars of Chaos. The Gods faced the princes of metal in a dreadful conflagration, which sounded the death knell of an inconceivable number of civilizations. In this battle, the Emperor of Metal itself came face the One God, and many died under his terrible power: Elraÿn, goddess of magic, Varios, god of weapons, Samarian, the two-man god who led the Cyclopes , and many others.

But it was defeated.

At its fall, the Multiverse quaked, an explosion of an inconceivable power annihilated alone a huge universe, and it brought with it many gods and dragons, like also other races that counted a number of terrible losses. The Empire Metal collapsed, and all races who had been enslaved by the Princes of Metal - Dark Elves, dragons, esyfies, antereis and many others - were released.

The Burning Age

The Kingdom of Tanelorn survived the cataclysm, and the High King Laïsnos could put his plan into effect: he created the Order of the greatest Knights who had never existed, the Order of the Burning Ring. It was the end of the Age of Chaos and the beginning of the Burning Age.
The Burning Ring attracted many knights of all races, and soon counted nearly ten-thousand members. Laïsnos, advised King, divided the Knights into seven groups, each headed by a man chosen according to the affinity of its members. At each of these groups was associated with the task of creating and protecting a source of Spirit, or Metamaterial as it is now known about Minyador, magic energy in the Multiverse.
These seven orders composing Burning Ring will be described here.
First of all, bearing the yellow, come the order of the Knights of Light, soldiers dedicated to Well, witch great Constable is none other than the Lord Laïsnos. Their magical artifact is the powerful Stone of Life, sanctified by the Lord of the Gods in person, the One, whose powers weep away all minions of Night by their aura of pure light. Not this source has been touched by a hand impure, and it never will. They lived in Tanelorn and their fetish animal was the Golden Eagle.
The Second Order is that of the Knights of Faith, bearing the green, and all are committed to their high priest Ologhamis. The divine lightning strikes those who oppose this order of clerics protecting the Crown of the Gods, which is said that whoever wears it receives the blessing of the Unique. Living at Karshaven they had for symbol the Falcon.
The Third Order wears blue. These Azure Knights, which Constable is not the end of one of Common Races, being a Merfolk : Princess Sartovia. These knights are the naval force of Burning Ring, and many of them live most of their lives at sea. The Source of Azure Knights is the Spring of Water, which later Tarachnan usurped powers, drawing a boundless energy, but it will be discussed later. Their capital was the dock of Méaltèr, and they wore the insignia of the Dolphin.
The Fourth Order is orange, and their powers are largely dedicated to fire - their symbol is also the Dragon. They serve the Law, and the flames of their wrath against the forces of Chaos have mostly been regarded as the symbol of their war against the survivors of the forces of the Empire of Metal, and it is supposed that the very name of the Burning Ring is linked to their powers, though the sacred fire of the Knights of Faith and white flames of Knights of Light could also be the source of the name. Led by the Keeper Lord Kasherim Nedrakh, they have access to the powers of the Sword of Fire, hidden in their fortress Mirlenomar. But, as we shall see later, there was a division within them.
The Fifth Order is red, favorite color of Blood Knights. Feared combatants, no one knowing neither fear nor hesitation like their animal mascot, the Tiger, they are the spearhead of the Army of the Burning Ring. Their lord, the terrible Theremist Bloodthirst, is a tremendous strength Ogre, which draws its energy in the Blood Basin, located in the city of Fernitas.
The Sixth Order, on the color purple and of the badge of the Wolf, is that of the Shadow Warriors, led by the Lord Protector Narliga the Dark. Their Spirit source is the consecration of the enormity of his great Constable: the Tower of Darkness is the most massive construction Melarnoria, capable to frighten the bravest enemies. Their powers of fear and destruction have nothing to envy those of the Knights of the Blood, and many battles were won thanks to the two orders, as well as the Last Order, which will now be presented.
The Seventh Order has only three members - perhaps four, but the mystery plane on the Order so that we could never really know - it is terrible Knights of Apocalypse: Death, the Devil and the Croquemitaine, as they have been named later. Straddling Fire Cavales, they are the bearers of destruction in different megaspheres. They had created the most powerful source: the Black Fountain of Vamaaris. It is said that those who drank it became invincible for a short period, and that his magical powers were fully regenerated.

Thanks to the union of the seven orders, megaspheres enjoyed a period of unparalleled peace, once the last survivors of the Princes of metal had been eliminated or banned from the universe where stood the Burning Ring. For five centuries, prosperity was born, and the different races could flourish quietly.
But all good things come to an end.
The Circle Ardent exploded. Too many knights had integrated it and dissension increasingly marked emerged among members. This was first the Knights of Apocalypse who, finding peace too boring for them, began to ravage the lands of Laïsnos. The answer did not wait. Laïsnos sent his forces against the Knights, and asked the help of Ologhamis and Kasherim Nedrakh, and the Knights of Apocalypse were banished - for a short time, unfortunately. But during this campaign, one of the Constable of the Knights of Dusk, Eridion the Cursed, betrayed his lord and, with half of the Knights of Dusk, took control of the fortress of Mirlenomar where it had taken up residence. Laïsnos, waiting to find a better solution, sent Kasherim Nedrakh and the knights which had remained faithful to him to Vamaaris, to keep the Black Fountain taken to the Knights of Apocalypse. Ologhamis then proposed to form a new order, the Seventh having been banned. The Keeper Lord accepted and the Order of Paladins appeared. He took the color indigo to differentiate itself from other orders, and peace returned to the Circle Ardent for two centuries.

But the seeds of dissension sown by the Knights of Apocalypse were beginning to bear fruit, and the various orders came to oppose.
The arrangement concerning the establishment of the Order of the Paladins wasn’t of the gust of Narliga and Eridion, and with the help of Theremist, who had become a puppet of the lord of the Shadow Warriors, they prepared an infamous treason, which earned the loss Circle Ardent.
This chapter is one of the darkest of the turbulent history of Minyador, and many scribes and storytellers hide it, simply saying that these three orders left the Burning Ring, and that little by little the other four Orders split and that Laïsnos declared dissolved the Order. They gold reality, and these stories do not explain the breakup of the Multiverse. Therefore, the true version of events which will be taled here.
This could be done by infiltrating the Tower of Darkness, a terrible day in the year 700 of the Burning Age. While the storm raged outside, seven hooded people passed the door of the highest room of the tower. An eighth person was waiting for them there, and his view was a terrible horror. An aura of immeasurable power was around him, and could be seen knotty muscles to move each of its movements. Fear followed his shadow. But nobody feared when he opened his mouth, yet to pronounce words that tolled the tower. Three words only.
"Kill them all. "
Four of the seven people went back then, and each of them wore a big scythe, as a sharp razor. Three Knights of Apocalypse. The fourth ? Don’t ask the question, nobody knows who he was. Perhaps the Fourth Knight, perhaps anything else. It is not included in the captions or in the stories, except in this one, and I will not say more of this scary person.
The three remaining hooded characters did not granted a glance to them. The first raised his head.
“Lord Sardon, he said, our armed forces are ready to leave right away. But the troops of the High King are on the alert and will leave us no time to act. We are too few.”
“I am responsible for this senile old man,” answered the thing on the seat. “It is no longer the main threat. I will break him as a dry branch. He would not resist me.”
“And the Keeper Lord Kasherim Nedrakh?” the third person intervened. “Wouldn’t he lay problems?”
“He is no longer immune from my anger. Narliga, have you turned on the Gate ?”
“Yes, Lord,” replied the first, “it will arrive in the land of Sartovia. She refused to follow us. May she pay the price.”
“Well, well. Finally, after all these years we will reborn from its ashes the Lord of Chaos in person, the Emperor Tarachnan. And then our power will be unlimited. We already have the support of half the Pantheon through Alarak. We will win the Light!”

On these words began the War of Treason, in which three orders of the Burning Ring sparked a massacre on behalf of the demonlord and avatar of the Goddess of Darkness Alarak, Sardon the Dark. However, nothing happened as planned because Tarachnan failed to enter the megasphere. It tried recourse to force, which had resulted in a huge disaster, which was called the Great Dislocation. The energy released by the Lord of Chaos was so strength that the Burning Ring Megasphere split into a thousand parts, which were called after the Thousand Plans. The seven Orders were separated by the gigantic display of power, their sources each sent to a different world. Many knights died, crushed or torn apart by the flood of metamaterial, but the seven Great Constables survived, and so they could perpetrate their hatred beyond the Shadow Gates that now separated them. At this point, Tirsirros predicted that when three of the Seven Sources would again be met, then the Order of Burning Ring would revive.
We learned later that Tarachnan had successfully passed and captured the Azure Knight’s Source, ensuring in this way to have a boundless energy. Sartovia and his followers managed to escape to another world, and we lost all traces of these knights for nearly ten thousand years…

L'histoire de Minyador en anglais Lord_d10
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Lord Darkmore
Seigneur universel
Seigneur universel
Lord Darkmore

Nombre de messages : 330
Age : 35
Date d'inscription : 09/11/2007

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MessageSujet: Re: L'histoire de Minyador en anglais   L'histoire de Minyador en anglais Icon_minitimeMar 26 Fév - 14:13

The Age of Paladins

The world on which the Order of Paladins took refuge was called Minyador, and it's of this world that history will now be told.

Minyador was a relatively cold planet, which consists of eight major continents, plus a large number of islands and continents smaller, refuge for centuries of races who were slaves of the Lords of Metal during the Age of Chaos; Elves Blacks made up the majority of the population and live in two regions: the Feldonodrenar, land of the Dark Western Elves or Moralfyn, and Daenrie, which covers the current Elmaeg, land of the Dark Elves of the East. Two powerful human empires occupied a large part of the Levant and Ponant, but we do know very little about them. In these times of the beginning of the Age of Paladins, exchanges among civilizations were rare and limited, and these powerful civilizations have disappeared forever, leaving behind them numerous testimonies of their knowledge, including the impregnable fortresses scattered over their former territories like Castel Altitudinis to the east or Castel Immortalis to the west.
The War of the Treason affected little Minyador, and that is perhaps why historians talked about it so little. Two large doors were opened only ephemeral. By the door to the east, located in the Shamrûn desert, appeared the city Vamaaris, while the other gate, located in the Middle-earth, left shift towards limited dark forces, insufficient to create problems for several millennia. But she also let go else, and for our misfortune many centuries passed before we understand the danger posed by this individual ...

Thus began the Age of Paladins, which was to last more than six thousand years, by a period of relative calm. The world's population was too small for the usual territorial wars begin, and the forces of Light like those of Darkness were isolated in the midst of vast desert expanses. The civilizations of Itlanel and Léüria declined gradually, and the Dark Orient Elves were preparing to begin their great migration that would lead to their land today. The Esmir discovered stelmar and gwenar in the mountains of northern Fair Country, and founded the city of Odhoria. Only the High Wood Elves of Alfenheim had to worry. The orcs newly arrived in the north had founded the Mount Fortress Gandubal and begun to bear attacks on the forests of Dryads. But no one doubted that further south, in the deserts of Dor Gauroth and Mobgor, had elected home a shadow, that waited for her time.
This was a time when Paladin explorers discovered finally the western edge of the Shamrûn desert and occupied the fertile plains of Advaris, bordered to the west by the mountains of the Sierra Monotonia. Then the Paladins crossed these mountains through the Great Escape Pass and arrived at the edge of the Ocean of Boredom. Having founded the great port Departus they burgeoned in the lands of the East, then began to colonize the southern part of Middle-earth, founding the city of Havéna. They came into contact with Esmir of Odhoria and Eldar of Alfenheim, and the dwarf and elvish treasures ran like water in the city of Vamaaris. But a small kingdom was standing between Odhoria and Adventury – so was called on the land settled by the Paladins. Hidden in the depths of the Skardos mountains, Ruel was awaiting his hour. Some cursed druids and priests, preserving the customs of their former masters Lords of Metal, observing with a hatred mixed with envy paladin hegemony.
Then a day, a man dressed in a long black cloak landed a ship mysteriously appeared in the Tentarias, and just as mysteriously disappeared. The man crossed the marshes of stinking Caron and arrived at the foot of the mountains Skardos, in the city of Hellas, where all fled, as a terrible fear emanated from him. He took away the road to the caves of the Druids, and entered one of them.
Nobody knows when he went out – if he went out – but a few days later, the first plague ravaged Minyador, and it was almost certain she came from the Druids manipulations.
The anger of Kasherim Nedrakh was terrible. He sent his army sweep the Ruel of the map, and after the genocide that followed, he founded the Merloz, ready to attack all dark territory threatening peace on Minyador, and for many centuries, the Druids formed no more a threat. But it was too late, the damage was done. Pawns of the Ranger were placed, and the dark forces attacked paladin counters of Fair Country. The cities of Zagoris, Islands of Incarnate Evil and Granbretanne reveal themselves in broad daylight and attacked Adventury. But it was not counting on the reserves of Kasherim Nedrakh. The fleets of Departus and Havéna landed countless legions of merlians, and the fate of the battle changed side. Zagoria was razed, Islands of Incarnate Evil ruined and Granbretanne invaded, but Valkyn, the lord of Merloz, was struck by a poisoned trait and his army retreated. It was the first error of the forces of Light, but the second was even worse, and sounded the death knell of the Age of Paladins.
The soothsayer Tirsirros had a dream the night following the injury of the Lord Valkyn showing the City of Laliros, the glorious capital of Merloz, prey to death. Valkyn didn’t wanted to listen, and only a dozen men left for Vamaaris. Tirsirros was right. Three days after his departure, the anger of Alarak, goddess of Darkness, struck Merloz. Nobody knows how she made, because there were no survivors, and thirty centuries passed before anyone dares go Merloz.
So the power based in Morbarad in Dor Gauroth turned out in broad daylight and knocked. Countless legions of humans, elves renegades and orcs sprang from Gandubal, Mobgor and Dor Gauroth. It did not took the time to attack Orndor neither Esmirial. Its target was to the east. The Lord Sardon finally took his revenge on the Paladins.
His invasion crossed as a hurricane the land from the east and landed in Advaris. The country, caught off guard, was virtually wiped out, and the Army continued its relentless advance towards Vamaaris. It was in the desert of Shamrûn that took place the last battle, the most terrible Minyador knew. It is said that more than half of the world's population perished here, and the desert sand has kept a red color, red blood.

And the Paladins were defeated.

Kasherim Nedrakh himself lost his life in the incredible carnage of the Terrible Battle, killed by a death spell launched by the Captain of the Black Army, the dark Morian in person, the very man who was responsible for the suffering of Center Lands throughout the ages that followed. It is said that a hundred Paladins escaped the massacre and fled away in the Southern Lands, carrying with them the Fountain Black in the legendary city of Karkaver. The victorious but diminished army of Sardon then braced for him to return to his land. But it was not counting on Havéna fleets, which fell by surprise on carriers of the Black Army. Few returned to their starting point.
And it was the end of an age that had lasted for 6949 years, and the beginning of the Dark Age, where Sardon tricks led to many betrayals and horrible acts, but also acts of brilliance without whom this World have sunk into eternal darkness…

The beginnings of the Dark Age and the Fall of Atlantae

Like the Age of Paladins, the Dark Age began slowly. Half of the world's population had died during the Terrible Battle, so territorial disputes disappeared, and the Lords of Darkness fortified himself in their dark homes. But the forces of Good does not remained inactive, far from it. The Paladins had spread throughout all the Land North during the previous age, and these colonies grew, trading with their elvish and dwarfs neighbors even after the ruin by a devil of Odhoria in the early age.
Then to the tenth century of this age, High Humans, as they were known, founded the powerful kingdom of Atlantaë, the western borders of Dor Gauroth. Sardon took afraid he saw himself surrounded by his enemies to the north, south and now in the west. He decided not to wait to attack. It was a mistake. He was defeated and was forced to withdraw in its strongholds of Dor Gauroth, ruminant his revenge. He waited two centuries that the vigilance of his opponents fading, and then he launched his offensive. It devastated the dwarf land of South Esmirial, which stood along its northern border, and burned forests of the elvish Linlad, whose occupants fled to the west and founded the Immortal Land. He then brought his forces to the Stone Country, vassal of the Atlantaë. But vigilance of Humans had not been lacking. A huge army, led by the Emperor of Atlantaë in person, Tar-Daedagnir, sprang from the Pass of Rehan and fell on the rear of the Army of Sardon, who retreated in disarray. It was only a feint. It returned at nightfall and took stormed the imperial camp. Tar-Daedagnir lost life, a dagger of an orcish assassin in the back. The imperial army had no hi to the intervention forces Stone Country, which provided him time to withdraw.
When told this, the son and heir of Tar-Daedagnir, Tar-Valar, who remained in Atlantaë, conceived great wrath. He lifted the most numerous humane army the world has ever known since the fall of Vamaaris, and went to assault the Dor Gauroth. The battle for Hellfire Doors, Naur Annon, was terrible and lasted three days, during which the King of Country of Stone and his four sons died, leaving the kingdom without heir. But Naur Annon was crashed, and the army of Tar-Valar entered into Dor Gauroth, the first army of Light to do so, and put the siege in front of the great fortress Morbarad, capital of Sardon. The siege lasted barely two days, during which the atlantaëïan siege engines came to the end of the walls of the most formidable fortress of Center Lands.
Morbarad was destroyed, and Sardon taken prisoner, as was the great power of the Emperor Tar-Valar. He was taken to the capital of Atlantaë and Sardon saw the majesty of the city of Humans and his hatred changed in envy. But Tar-Valar was implacable, and the Lord of Darkness locked in the dark dungeon of Ardengam prisons, to serve his sentence for the many evils he perpetrated, and peace returned to Minyador.
The city of Ardengam was the finest in the world, the Empire stretched from the borders of Immortal Lands to Godorno, and from the southern edge of the Esmirial on the outskirts of Havéna. Yes, this civilization was the most glorious that this world has ever known. But a shadow gradually extended on the south of the Atlantaë. It was not counting on Sardons guile. Until Tar-Valar lived, the guard around his dungeon showed vigilant, but on the death of his son, he began to influence Atlantaëïans playing on the desires and wants of them, and Atlantaëïans listened.
They hardened their heart against elves they envy immortality, especially as their life expectancy decreased gradually with the centuries. They began to build houses for the dead finest than those of the living, and to revere their ancestors more than their sons. And above all, they liberated the Lord of Darkness. It made them carry out bloody sacrifices in the name of Alarak, and the sky above the Atlantaë was soiled by the nauseating fumes from fires lit in honor of the Goddess of Darkness.

But all Atlantaëïens had not followed the instructions of Sardon, including a small group who still supported the emperor at the time, Tar-Elendili and opposed to Sardon. But his plan was flawless. Increasingly Atlantaëïans joined his cause, especially after the Great Plague that the Druids freed in the years 1712-1713, killing almost all members of the imperial family except Tar-Elendili and one of his distant cousins, Prince Darkelyn, which had a boundless admiration for Sardon. And on September 19 in the year 1781 of the Dark Age, his plan was won. An assassin slipped night in Tar-Elendili room and slew the Emperor. This was the beginning signal of civil war in Atlantaë. Darkelyn did not even have the opportunity to take advantage of the power, old age have won a few years earlier. But his youngest son Galcuru was even more eager for power as his father and seized the throne at the expense of the sons of Tar-Elendili.
The war lasted more than two centuries, even though there were many periods of calm. Sardon rejoiced. He had secretly begun rebuilding its ancient kingdom and was preparing to act more brutal. Above all, he looked old age of the thief. The latter, sensing approaching its end, tried by all means to prolong its life, and became very sensitive to whispers of Sardon. And in October of the year 2017, Galcuru was literally eating in the hand of the Lord of Darkness. So he finally acted. He began by persuading the emperor that if he invaded Immortal Lands where lived Elves, he would also enjoy an eternal life. On the other hand, he did make him believe that they prevented men from the area to keep them for their own immortality. Pure lies, of course, but Galcuru believed, and he began to gather his army. The Faithful, as now called the men who served the emperor still legitimate, tried to oppose him, but he did banish them outside of the Empire. They fled to the Immortal City of Tanelorn, that exists on every world and whose minyadorian exemplary was rediscovered a few years earlier to the west of Immortal Lands.
On November 14 of that year, Galcuru was ready, and he unleashed the biggest and most powerful army that has ever walked the Middle Earth, on Immortal Lands. The banners of his army were innumerable, and spears as a forest were agitated by the wind. The horns of bearer ringing loud and clear, and the ground was shaking for miles away when the army went into an enormous movement. In the middle, Galcuru took place on a gigantic chariot pulled by ten thousand slaves. But Sardon remained at Ardengam to wait for the fall of Light facing its omnipotence. But it was not counting on the powers of other gods. Elves did indeed call for the power of God of Immortal creatures, Tiralasto, and the latter managed to convince his peers to organize the Council of the Gods.
It lasted one week, during which Galcuru forces committed the worst abuses. That decided the gods to call upon the omnipotence of the One God, who brought together all things visible and invisible, tangible and intangible, living and inert.

And his anger was unleashed.

In an instant, the Army of Galcuru found itself buried under a huge stone dome, which is said to not break until the end of time. The earth opened and Atlantaë sank under the waves, taking with it the most beautiful wonders of the human world. The city of Ardengam disappeared under the sea with its countless treasures, its monuments of white marble and its inhabitants. In the end, a huge green and icy wave swept all shorelines West and Central Lands, taking all major towns founded by Atlantaëïans. It was the death knell of the largest and most beautiful of human civilization on Minyador.
But Sardon survived. He had never expected such a success for his tricks, but he had finally succeeded in eliminating its most dangerous adversary. The Paladins ? All too dispersed and too few to pose a threat. The Faithful ? It remained just a handful. Elves ? They were engaged in healing their wounds. Only remained Dwarfs, and they launched a large assault he was preparing for centuries in Dor Gauroth.
The Dwarfs were not weight, and South Esmirial was destroyed. In addition, at the same time, a shadow was born in the mines of Odhoria, and the Terror vanquished the greater and beautiful dwarf city ever emerged on Minyador, and more than a thousand years passed before a Dwarf dared to penetrate in the worked corridors of the City of Esmir.

L'histoire de Minyador en anglais Lord_d10
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L'histoire de Minyador en anglais
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